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Double Dribble

Wavy Bandana bib


Our most popular print

Water makes up around 71% of the Earth’s surface, however human activity has been endangering the well-being of oceans for years. Whether it’s illegal fishing or littering into our waterways, these activities have grave effects on oceans and the animals inhabiting them.

The ocean produces 1/2 the world’s oxygen, creates clouds that bring fresh water and regulate climate, and is home to fish, which are one of the primary sources of protein for over one billion people.

Unless we start taking care of our oceans, the effects could be drastic. The Wavy bandana bib raises awareness of the universal importance of oceans to mankind.


* Dimensions - Neck: 17 inches Drop: 9 inches 
* Triple layered absorbent design (100% cotton front, Winceyette middle and Jersey backing) 
* Dual polyresin plastic snap fasteners for adjustable size
* Made in the U.K. 

** From our main collection and comes with product card

Care instructions: Bibs should either be hand or machine washed in cold water, and then line dried. Low iron, if needed.

The Bandana bibs will arrive in our Double Dribble jute bag packaging as displayed in our pictures.

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